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Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

June 16

The sprawling, colossal, ultra-modern and liberal city of the Middle East that was until recently nothing but a small oil exporting emirate of the UAE, has seen astounding transformation in the last 20 years. Dubai has proved that if the funds are channelized in an intelligent way with people and the government having a collective vision of success; anything is achievable.

Dubai beckons its tourists for the biggest, the highest, the largest and the most opulent attractions ever made by mankind. If you are planning a trip to Dubai and want to know the best tourist attractions of Dubai, read on for the list of the Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai.

  1. Burj Khalifa

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

Burj Khalifa is till date the tallest man-made standing structure of the world with a height of 2722ft. It was named as Burj Khalifa in the honor of the ruler of the UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Boasting of an exceptional design inspired by the traditional Islamic structure, Burj Khalifa has a tourist observation deck at a height of mighty 1483 ft. that allows the visitors to experience spectacular views from the top of the world. Burj Khalifa has various records in its name including the world’s fastest and the highest elevator, most number of storeys in a building, highest occupied floor etc. It is more than three times taller than the iconic Eiffel tower and boasts of approximately 2957 parking spaces, 304 hotels and 900 apartments.

  1. Desert Safari Tour

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

The desert safari tour in Dubai is rated as one of the finest safari expeditions in the world. The safari excursions in Dubai is known for extraordinary cordiality, delight and amusement for the tourists. Giving an authentic Arabian desert experience, the sand dunes of Dubai are regarded as one of the best in the world. It includes dune bashing, quad biking, desert camping and sunset & sunrise photography. Dubai desert safari offers overnight desert experience with entertainment options like song, dance, food, music and specially booked overnight camping experience as well.

  1. Dubai Mall

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

One of the biggest and best known malls in the world, the Dubai Mall is a realm in its own with over 1200 shops, 120 restaurants, 21 cinema screens, and a 250 room hotel to stay. The mall boasts of many world records. It has the world’s biggest Aquarium- the Dubai Aquarium housing 33000 exotic marine life in a suspended 10-million-liter water tank on its ground floor. Next to the aquarium is the Dubai underwater zoo that allows you to sneak peek into the world of marine animals and shows a 180-degree view of the splendid underwater creatures. It is home to some of the biggest stores in the world including Candylicious- world’s largest candy store. You can also see the Dubai fountain from the Dubai mall.

  1. Dubai Museum

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

Dubai museum is the greatest source to comprehend the history and astounding rise of the Dubai city. It is one of the most appealing museums in the Middle East. The Dubai museum is located inside the oldest fort of the city- Al Fahidi fort. The place houses rare artifacts obtained from excavations that exalt the history of this metropolis. With an entry fee of less than 3Dhs, Dubai museum is one of the best kept museums in the world. It boasts of a mock souq describing the ancient market scenario and regular things used in the lifestyle of the early era villager.

  1. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

Known as one of the best water parks on earth, the Wild Wadi waterpark is a place to visit for many awesome reasons. Not only is it the world’s fastest growing waterpark but also features in the list of the world’s greatest 20 waterparks. With the biggest collection of 30 rides, it also boasts of 8 different master blasters which is more than any other waterpark in the world. For a day of perfect wet water fun, Wild Wadi waterpark is a must visit place.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

One of the most iconic beaches of this desert city, Jumeirah beach is a beautiful shore to the calming vast blue ocean with white sand and the stunning backdrop of the mighty Burj Al Arab. Known all over the world as the most luxurious hotel on the planet, Burj Al Arab is situated right next to the Jumeirah beach which makes the beach even more beautiful. Burj Al Arab is regarded as the icon of the modern development of Dubai in its emergence as a tourist destination. The Jumeirah beach is one of the few beaches that are not only immensely beautiful but also free to visit and the presence of Burj Al Arab at the backdrop makes it a remarkable sight to visit. Many water excursion activities are also available at the beach making it even more fun to visit Jumeirah beach.

  1. Dubai Fountain

Top Rated Tourists Attractions of Dubai

One of the biggest reasons for tourists applying for Dubai visit visa online is to see the grandeur and mesmerizing beauty of the Dubai fountain. It is the world’s largest themed fountain set on the 24-acre man-made lake located as the center piece of Downtown Dubai. Surpassing the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas, it is built on a massive man-made lake. The Dubai fountain is 275 meters long (almost equal to the length of two football fields). It is capable of spraying 83,000 liters of water in the air at a time. The fountain can jet the water spray to a maximum height of 150 meters (almost till the height of a 50 storey building). The fountain routines over 6,600 lights and 25 color projectors to illuminate its incredible themed dances.


From the traditional Dubai creek and the Abra taxis to the most luxury indulgences available to man, Dubai offers the extreme of enjoyment for tourists across all age groups and pocket depths. Visiting Dubai is on the bucket list of almost every traveler and the city has worked hard to rightfully earn its place as one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world.

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  • Reply Sunami June 16 at 5:19 am

    The Fountain outside Dubai Mall is just mesmerizing! And, so is the view from the top at Burj Khalifa.

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    Amazing development and sight seeing places!

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    Have been to Dubai, but as I was pressed for time, I could only go for a desert safari and nothing else. Dubai is surely on my wish list and hope I am able to cover the places which Neha has mentioned here.
    Great post!

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      ohhh.. must have been a great experience nonetheless….hope you get to visit Dubai soon.

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