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Shopping tips for Shopaholics

February 24

Beautiful, pretty clothes. Colourful dresses. Those lipstick shades. Feel like having them all ? I do. All the time !!! How many times have you gone out shopping and ended up buying things that you did not intend buying ? If the answer is yes, then read below. This ones just for you.

While the addiction is good, try these tried and tested tips to make this addiction a ‘budget friendly’ one.

1.) Shopping List – Carry a shopping list and stick by it. Make a plan and take baby steps towards it everyday. Not carrying a list will make you impulsive whereas having one will make you stay focused.

2.) Goodbye credit card – Give your credit card some rest and shop the traditional way. Its funny the amount you spend when you have your card with you. Use cash for all your shopping and you will definitely shop within limits. I guess it’s just psychological but people spend nearly 5 times more when they have credit cards at their disposal.

3.) Window Shop – Spend some time window shopping and decide all that you are gonna buy. Check out all the shops, make a list and come back and buy only what you’ve thought was absolutely necessary.

4.) Shop in your own closet – You will find that most of the things that you need are already there in your closet, kitchen or store room. So shop there first. Believe me your closet will really thank you.

5.) Don’t shop when you are hungry. Why ? Because everything you see around will look good to you.

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