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Must have lipstick shades

March 12

Lipsticks are a women’s best friends (after diamonds ofcourse !). A perfect shade of lipstick can really enhance your look. They have the top place in our make up kit and have a permanent place in our clutches as well. Whether you like it funky or classic, below are must have lipstick shades that definitely deserve a place in your make up kit.

1.) The Classic Red

Must have lipstick shades

We can’t get our eyes off Kareena Kapoor in the Lakme absolute ad with those perfect red lips. This colour is a must have and goes perfectly well with a plain black or white outfit. You can also wear it with most evening gowns or even jeans. This colour is No.1 in the must have lipstick dictionary. Opt for matte for that velvety look. Also, we recommend one with golden undertones. Mellow down on the other makeup so as to not look ‘loud’. Tip – Be careful when you apply it. Make sure your teeth are pretty and white.

2.) The Nude

Must have lipstick shades

Katrina Kaif swears by this colour and we love it too. One thing you gotta note, is that you need to balance the makeup with the nude lipstick so that it doesn’t wash out your features.  We suggest you exfoliate your lips before applying the nude lipstick. You can also use a liner to give it that perfect finish.

3.) Candy Pink

Must have lipstick shades

Sonam Kapoor looks ravishing with the candy pink lipstick and we love the way she has teamed it to go with her dress. After all, she is ‘the fashionista’ of Bollywood. Team it with bronze eye shadow and mellow down the other makeup for the perfect look.

4.) The Plum 

Must have lipstick shades

The Plum is a tricky one. Save it for the night events. If you have dark eyes this shade actually accentuates your eye colour. Avoid adding gloss on top of this colour. Its better playing safe. Keep the other makeup subdued but focus on the eyes if you are choosing this colour.

5.) Rich pink

Must have lipstick shades

Pink lips are fun and always in fashion. But picking the right pink is to match your tone is important. We suggest you gradually build on the colour while applying, even though you might be tempted to apply it in one go. You can match your lip colour with your cheeks. But don’t overdo it, else you might end up looking like a clown (Yikes!).

6.) Flaunt Beige

Must have lipstick shades

Ok we have to admit, we just love this look. Love the way her makeup perfectly blends with the hair colour. The mantra with this colour is to not look too pale. For a natural look, don’t go more than one shade lighter than your skin color. Highlight your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and you are ready to go.

7.) Tangy Orange

Must have lipstick shades

Deepika doesn’t have a fair complexion, but  looks good in every shade she wears. With orange, again, the mantra is to keep it simple. Draw the focus to your lips. Orange itself is a style statement so you don’t want to go overboard with the other makeup. Team it with gold earings and bracelet. Tip – Don’t go wild with orange and keep the rest of you makeup very very minimal.

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