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MacRitchie Nature Trail

May 20

Last weekend I decided to visit the lovely MacRitchie treetop at Singapore. I had seen pictures of the place and was longing to go there for quite some time. An avid fan of adventure, exercise and fun I knew this would be a memorable experience. Along with two colleagues from work, I set off on a nature trail. One Singaporean, one Chinese and one Indian, the three of us made an enthusiastic team.





About MacRitchie

Singapore is a popular destination for runners, nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the city, its nature trails like these that add to the spunk of the city. MacRitchie is one of the best nature trails in Singapore, with the Treetop trail being the key attraction. Take the 11 km MacRitchie trail and you are sure to bump into monkeys, monitor lizards, squirrels, and birds. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy canoeing and kayaking.

The Tree Top walk

The 250m walk is the highlight of MacRitchie. A freestanding suspension bridge between the two highest points, the treetop is a first for Singapore. Reaching the tree top is a long walk, a 6km long round trip to be precise. The construction of this bridge started in August 2002 and took two years to complete. But the interesting part is that instead of clearing up the understorey vegetation, raised platforms were put in place to transport materials from one tower to the next. The construction was carefully planned to minimize disturbance to the surrounding vegetation.


It took us a long time to reach the tree top but we did not realise the distance because we were busy talking about work, life and culture in Singapore, China and India. By the time we reached the tree top, there was a long queue. The bridge can only take a certain amount of weight, so people were let off on the bridge one group at a time.

We were welcomed by some monkeys who were more than willing to pose for pictures. The bridge had a very narrow lane and only one person could pass through at a time. The experience can be bit scary if you are not comfortable with the height and to add to this, the bridge sways a bit with the weight.

After exiting the tree top, the way out is a long one. We were exhausted by the time we reached the exit.

If you are in for some adventure, lots of fun and a unique experience then MacRitchie tree top at Singapore is for you.







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  • Reply SUNITA SRIRAM May 21 at 5:59 am

    Beautiful pics…loved this place..

  • Reply Antonina May 21 at 2:23 pm

    Beautiful nature and lovely cloudy sky – it looks especially lovely considering the enormous heat here in Mumbai.

  • Reply Divya May 24 at 5:39 pm

    Beautiful pictures. We missed seeing this place back when we visited Singapore! Love the bridge!

  • Reply Little Miss Traveller May 24 at 5:52 pm

    I just loved this trail and the treetop walk and seeing all those monkeys!

  • Reply Reeanna May 24 at 6:02 pm

    This walk looks absolutely incredible. I love the photos you took and the story you told was so fun. Something to add to my list of places to visit!! xx

  • Reply tots2travel May 24 at 6:47 pm

    I genuinely think my entire family would live this. Thanks for sharing.

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