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Lunch at Hakkasan – Food Review

May 2

I was recently making plans as to where to go for lunch over the weekend and Hakkasan at Bandra, Mumbai was something I was hoping to go to since long. Now, ofcourse this place is expensive, but being a foodie I am, this is one place no food lover can afford to miss!

Where – Hakkasan, Bandra, Mumbai

Why should you visit ? – Its a Michelin star cantonese cuisine restaurant. So this says it all. Visit this place for the lovely food it has to offer.

Whats good  ? –  Right in the heart of Bandra, this place is located on top of club Royalty. They have vallet services so getting a car park was easy. The moment I entered Hakkasan, I was amazed at how spacious this place was. There are 2 sitting sections and then there is a bar area. It is dimly lit and gives you a perfect romantic feeling. Considering this place is a little steep (approx 1500-2000 INR per head), I decided to book this place via Wowtables which had an amazing deal for this restaurant. So I opted for a  ‘Signature 4 course cantonese experience at Hakkasan’.

Food – As part of this scheme, I was offered 2 starters, 2 main courses, 1 dessert and 1 drink. I really loved the Steamed Vegetable Buns in the starters and would highly recommended the dumplings. The raddish puff was a bit oily but was nonetheless delicious. For the main course would highly recommend stir-fry tofu & french beans for the vegetarians and stir-fry chicken in black pepper sauce for the non vegetarians. Have this with the chicken fried rice with egg white.

Beverages – Something I should have mentioned in the first place. There is a free glass of wine as well. Do I need to say more ?

Desserts – The only option for desserts under this deal was the chocolate mouse. Nothing exceptional here. Somehow I feel this is one area they could put a bit more focus on.

Service – The service is real quick without much wait time. The staff was very helpful and friendly.

Ambiance – Cosy and comfortable. Does give you the feeling of a premium restaurant. It’s the perfect place for a romantic lunch or dinner with your loved one.

Whats not ? I would rate this place from expensive to very expensive. If you have a deep pocket you will love this place.

Whats to do ? So what to do if you don’t have a deep wallet ? Do exactly what I did! Search for a great deal and go. Even otherwise I would definitely recommend this place to any food lover.








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