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Island Hopping at Langkawi

November 19

The Malaysia trip continues. Day 2 of the Langkawi trip was packed with lots of fun because we were to go island hopping! We booked a car to take us to the ferry point. We’d booked everything (car, ferry tickets) in advance, so it was a no hassle. We sat on a boat with around 10 other people and to our amazement the boat took off with such speed. I had this dreadful feeling that the boat would overturn and we would fall right into the sea. Phew ! Thankfully, we were wearing life jackets.



We reached the Dayang Bunting island first. This is the second largest island in Langkawi and the literal translation of the name means ‘Island of Pregnant Maiden’. By the time we disembarked our boat, it had begun raining and we were drenched. We walked on the island for a couple of minutes in the direction everyone was walking and spotted this wonderful large freshwater lake. Here, we could swim or go on a boat ride or just enjoy the scenic beauty. We spent one hour on this island before we embarked on the boat again and took off for island 2.

20150912_103513  20150912_103741


Beras Basah island just took my breath away. It was a beautiful beach location with clear water. We dropped off our bags and went running into the sea. Lovely water with slight drizzling made it a perfect day ! There were a couple of water sports activities on this island, snorkeling, banana ride, parasailing to name a few. Only disappointment was there were no toilets on this island.


20150912_114642  20150912_114947  20150912_115336

We then took the boat again and went off eagle watching. I’ve never seen so many eagles at one time so it was fascinating.

20150912_112937  20150912_113202


This was the last to do on the island hopping itenary. We were drenched thanks to the rain and super tired. Lovely start to a lovely day. But, it wasn’t over yet. What does one need when they are super tired. A spa ofcourse ! All my friends who know me well would say I am a spa lover. So we headed to Alun Alun spa on the way back. A 3.5 hour massage later, I could not be happier.

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I was also looking forward to day 3 at Langkawi becuase thats when we were to go for the cable car and skybridge (Yay !). Also check out great pics of the lovely Langkawi local food.

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