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How to beat the heat this summer

May 16

Summer is here ! Its that time of the year when you wish the sun did not exist. Don’t worry, we have some useful tips that can help you beat the heat.

1.) Water, water and more water. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Ensure you drink atleast 2-3 litres per day. The heat can sap away your energy, so drink enough water to keep yourself going.
2.) Go for a swim with your friends or family. Enjoy the cool water and say goodbye to heat
3.) Stay indoors during the day to avoid tanning
4.) Ensure you have your sunscreen on, whether you are indoors or stepping out. An SPF 30 or 40, depending on how hot it is.
5.) Wear loose cool coloured clothes.
6.) Use an umbrella if you are stepping out.
7.) Take a cool shower twice a day. More so if you perspire a lot.
8.) Turn off electrical appliances when not in use since they tend to generate their own heat.
9.) Have a lot of water rich foods. Have lots of watermelon or coconut water to keep you going.
10.) Lastly think cool. Heat can annoy a lot of people and tend to make them irritable. Stay cool, calm and spread cheer around.

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