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Best Sunscreen for oily skin – Ultraguard – Review & Price

March 6

I have tried and tested various sunscreens and have always been unhappy. I have an extremely oily skin and I hate putting on sunscreens since it makes my face even more oily and ultimately leads to breakouts and acne (uurrghh). Then one day, I just stopped applying sunscreen only to later realize (thankfully) that this was not the way out.

I finally went on a mission to find the one that suited my skin perfectly. Ofcourse I seeked advice from friends, family, dermatologists and almost any random person I met… until I found the perfect sunscreen that suited my skin !

Ok let me make this loud and clear, what works for me may not work for you. All you need is to do some hardwork and try one sunscreen lotion for atleast 10-15 days before you reject it completely. If you realize its making your skin even more oily, reject it ASAP.

The one that worked for me is Ultraguard SPF30. It’s available at all chemist stores. The tube is small but runs for almost a month for me.


How to apply ? Take a small pea on your palm and spread it on your face, 20 mins before you step out. I sometimes reapply it again immediately before stepping out, if the sun is pretty harsh.

Price ?  INR 176 inclusive of all taxes.

Have a look at the ingredients.




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